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Ethos Two

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Key Features

Ethos TWO lift control panel has been designed to put a smile on your face with it’s powerful lift control technology at your fingertips.  The large full-colour touch-screen provides simple intuitive diagnostics, commissioning and configuration to make control quicker and easier.

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  • A simple, intuitive colour touch-screen with symbols that provide clear indication of the lift’s current status.
  • Functions and features at your fingertips to drive the lift and check its performance.
  • Checks the ride performance in real-time which helps the engineer spot any issues before the passenger does.
  • Shaft self-learning for quicker installations.
  • Organises fault-finding by filtering and searching options quickly to help get to the core of a problem.
  • No more flicking through manuals, everything is digitally displayed.
  • EN-81 20 ready

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