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Ethos Two MRL

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Key Features

With all the features of our Ethos Two, we have an MRL to suit your application.  In the case of MRLs, the physical constraints of the building and available room to locate the controller are key considerations when selecting the right MRL for the job.

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  • Hybrid MRL: Suitable where MRL features are required but the controller is located in a dedicated room or cupboard.
  • Maxi: Where there is sufficient room for all the controller components to be housed in a landing mounted controller.
  • Midi: Size limitations dictate that some components such as the inverter need to be located in the lift shaft.
  • Mini: Our slimmest controller at only 160mm wide and 90mm and although major components are in the lift shaft, we offer full MMI access to the processor and inverter along with passenger release features.

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