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Ethos Navigator

Ethos Navigator Destination Control offers building owners a world-class, independent lift control system with local support providing customised design solutions.

TVC’s accessible technology allows easy maintenance and gives building managers the freedom to choose lift contractors with the comfort of long-term manufacturer support.


Ethos Navigator benefits from knowing the desired destination floor at the point when the passenger enters the lobby call.

Powerful processors and a sophisticated algorithm effortlessly determine the most effective lift to transport the passenger to the selected floor.

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Touchscreen Pedestal

Our pedestal mounted touchscreen is selected in applications where a central or floor-fixed Touchscreen is desired.  The pedestal can be supplied in stainless steel or coloured matched to the building design.

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Touchscreen Tablet

Our premium Tablet option offers a 10” capacitive touchscreen encased in a machined-from-solid aluminium chassis. The edge-less glass screen and sleek, slim-line contemporary design offers a high-gloss, high-class option for discerning clients.

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Wall Mounted Touchscreens

We offer a range of flush, surface and angled units manufactured in stainless steel or finished in colours to complement the style of the building.

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When robust, tactile operation compliant with EN81:70 is the priority our Keypads offer a functional but attractive low-cost solution.

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Landing Destination Display

Some installations benefit from having a landing destination display to confirm the floor levels being serviced by that lift thus providing additional information and peace-of-mind for the lift passenger.

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In-Car Information Display

With 12” and 7” TFT screen options, the car operating panel displays the registered stops for destination and the car position. Audible output provided verbal car and destination confirmation for visually impaired passengers.

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Cube Lift ID

With clear lift identification from all angles, this unique cube design will showcase in any lobby.  Available in a range of illumination and glass colour options.

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Mirror Blade Lift ID

The striking mirror-glass design with clear lift identification offers an alternative aesthetic appeal. Available with Illumination and gong/speaker options.

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UniBlade Flush Lift ID

Ideal for applications where passenger traffic is approaching the lifts head-on. Available in a range of colours and mounting options.

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UniBlade Lift ID

The UniBlade ID provides a highly visible illuminated legend to show the lift car identification. This clean and modern design is available in a range of colours and illumination options.

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