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Ethos IOT

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Key Features

Now with IoT connectivity, the best-in-class Ethos lift controller is ready to integrate with Smart buildings.

With the release of EMU Gateway, TVC brings to market the technology breakthrough of Ethos IoT to deliver unequalled monitoring performance and lift control.

  • Ethos IoT facilitates future-proof lift integration with Smart buildings.
  • Safely access Ethos 2 control from anywhere in the world. Remotely monitor and manage the control system via password protected access for functions including floor isolation and entering calls.
  • Maximise maintenance efficiency by interrogating the lift status and verifying faults. Take the correct parts and send the right engineer. Lift-working-on-arrival is a thing of the past.
  • Graphical real-time information options include speed, journeys, re-levelling, temperature and humidity.
  • Lift journey, door operation and re-levelling counters.
  • Graphical report shows a simple overview of each lift’s journeys, re-levels, total count of doors.
  • Monitor the controller and EMU Gateway built-in temperature sensors.
  • Apps for Android and Apple allow you to login, and select reason for visit.

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