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EN81-20 Package

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Key Features

EN81:20 require a number of special features and functions in the control system.

When specified, TVC incorporate a number of features including:

Car top and pit controls
Pit access control and reset
Emergency electrical operation – car speed limited to 0.3 m/s
Inspection control – car speed limited to 3m/s when pit or headroom is 2m or less
Landing and car door By-Pass facility – audio and visual warning
Independent brake lift buttons – to test brakes
Earth fault detection and lift stopping
RCD 30mA car circuit protection on voltages over 50vAC
Hydraulic oil over temperature detection and lift stopping

TVC EN81:20 package includes:

  • All necessary circuitry and features to meet the application requirements
  • Car top and pit controls
  • Under-car flasher and sounder

TVC EN81:20 Car top and Pit control Features

  • Complies with BS EN81-20 requirements
  • IP41 IP rating
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Emergency lighting with battery backup
  • Spring clamp (vibration resistant) terminals
  • IP54 rated mains socket
  • Wall mounted or base mounted
  • Pre-wired with LS0H wire
  • Option’s available:  rear door switch, shaft lighting switch,  alarm push button and switch/non switched RCD

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