EMU Mini Monitoring Unit

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Key Features

Our EMU Mini allows you to monitor various assets such as lifts, escalators, automated gates, this device can monitor anything that has on/off capabilities.

Event status and data is sent to our CMS Anywhere platform, custom rules can be setup to generate the required event.

Animations can be added to reflect the current status of your assets such as lifts and escalators.

CMS Anywhere cloud based system offers a clear graphical display of the current and previous values for easy visualisation of trends.

The EMU Mini reduces expensive site visits and provides peace of mind.

  • 4 inputs per EMU Mini
  • Expandable with multiple EMU mini’s
  • Engineer visits can be logged using our mobile app
  • Notifications via SMS and/or e-mail
  • Simple installation
  • Custom rules for events
  • Animations to reflect the current status of the equipment
  • IoT Connectivity

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