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CCTV Lift Surveillance

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Key Features

Our new 360 CCTV Surveillance system is the very latest technology in lift monitoring.  Viewed via our CMS Anywhere web-based lift monitoring, the intelligent motion trigger starts recording when a passenger enters the lift.  In the event of a trapping where the alarm button has been activated, the operator is alerted and live, two-way visual and audio communications is opened up offering support, comfort and peace-of-mind.

The unique single fi sh-eye camera replaces the need for multiple cameras and captures video and still images of the whole car from a single camera. Clever software un-wraps the fi sh-eye image to give separate, crystal clear views of the lift car from all angles.  Simultaneous views of the car doors (and landing if open), floor position and occupants provides clear evidence in the event of an incident or claim.

Self-defence features in the camera automatically detect vandalism or covering of the lens triggers a warning and transmits a message.

The TVC 360 CCTV offers unique safety and comfort benefi ts to the passenger and lift manager

  • Remote access via CMS Anywhere
  • Instant notifications, 2 way audio and live image view of passengers upon alarm button trigger.
  • Establish a genuine trapped passenger and reduce fire service and engineers callouts saving time and money
  • Can be used as evidence and passed onto plaintiffs to replay any damages.
  • Intelligent motion trigger recording – can reduce menacing behaviour.
  • Vandalism of camera will immediately send an alert and recording can be used as evidence.
  • High resolution 360 degree view – Full car coverage from wall to wall without any blind spots
  • One single camera replaces several standard camera’s.
  • Provides upto 80 backup hours of continuous recording & audio in case of the event of a power

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