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Evacuation Control System

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Key Features

Our latest addition to our em-181 emFONE product is our NEW Evacuation Control System.  Complying with European safety regulations EN81-72 and BS 9999:2008 for lift control in the event of a fire.
The system allows fire personnel or building managers to communicate with building users who are trapped on their floor level. The building user simply presses the control button on the
intercom unit which then connects to the EVAC Control Station.

The main EVAC Control Station is normally located on at the main entrance floor has special controls that allow the user to see the floors where building users are trapped.

The intuitive, simple to use control panel helps fire personnel and building managers to guide the lifts to the required floors and to rescue the building users safely.

  • Compatible with em-181 emFONE autodialler system
  • Intuitive EVAC master control station
  • Up to 99 floors
  • 230 VAC supply to main unit
  • Supply only or fully installed by experienced TVC engineers
  • Floor displays

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