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Connectivity Solutions

Our new range of connectivity solutions can improve your lift installations.

Bringing everything together: helping you to reduce overall installation costs by using our limit-free shaft position system coupled with our installation connectivity using our prewired solutions.

Prewired Solutions

TVC prewired solutions can be supplied using LSOH cable at device end only, this will allow the installer to run cables through appropriate containment.  Cable ends will be identified and wires fitted with ferrules to allow simple connection to cage clamp terminals.  Trailing cables and pit multicore cables will be prewired at the control panel only.

  • Prewiring for machine room

  • Prewiring for lift car

  • Prewiring for lift pit and shaft

  • Prewiring for landing equipment

Limax3CP is a shaft positioning system with an accuracy of 1mm for speed up to 10 m/s and shafts of 260m.

The principle of magnetic measurement ensures a high robustness of the system and makes it insensitive to smoke, heat, humidity, and dust. Further the magnetic tape is robust enough to withstand the harsh conditions in lift shafts.


The integration with the Ethos through the serial CAN-bus and pre-wired looms makes the installation fast and easy.

To satisfy functional safety requirements, the LIMAX3CP absolute car position measurement sensors have full redundancy and thus can be used for safety relevant applications up to SIL3.

Safety-relevant switching and control functions that depend on the position and the speed of the car can be implemented in the software:

• Overspeed monitoring and safety gear tripping
• Final limit switches top and bottom
• ETSL Device for reduced buffer stroke
• Lock bridging and unintended car movement
• Inspection Limits
• Pre-triggering to EN81-21

With the LIMAX3CP shaft information and safety system, several formerly mechanical components and subsystems in the shaft can be dispensed with:

• Final limit switches and actuating ramp
• Inspection limit switches
• Overspeed governor and rope
• Moveable stops for reduced headroom/pit depth

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The HW03 Handwind unit is a low-cost, high-performance digital handwinding position display for use with the Ethos controller for displaying lift floor level for handwinding purposes.

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Our NEW em-181 emFONE lift autodialler.  Compact in size, high on quality and low in price.

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