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Car Top Control

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Key Features

The car top control unit from TVC has been designed and constructed to meet the rigorous demands of the rail industry specification and relevant BS7255 and EN81 standards.  Built to TVC standards the car top control offers some unique details and an impressive feature list.

  • Illuminated Front panel with flush mounted control buttons, safer to locate and use.
  • Illuminated light switch and button labels for easy location
  • Unique 2 position rear and base mounting bracket
  • LED Back-up lighting (option) –longer operational time on battery back-up
  • Removable gland plates for easy cable access via captive screws
  • Vibration proof WAGO terminals connections
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable as Standard
  • Robust construction (can be stepped on)
  • 3 Way Shaft lighting switch (option) interface to TVC Shaft Lighting system
  • Easy and quick installation via unique mounting bracket
  • Long life lamps and LED Emergency Lighting
  • Complies and Exceeds standards BS7255; 2001 and EN81
  • Ease of Maintenance for lamp change through easy access panels

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