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Processor reporting CAN BUS ERRORS on Ethos Two Controller?

February 21st, 2023 / Updated: March 28th, 2023
  1. CAN 1- check Group Network connections and terminators. The event can all be logged on group contracts if a processor is reset.
  2. CAN 2 -check Car Network connections and node board terminators. Nodes can be viewed via View IO on the Home Screen. Then using the up and down scrolling arrows you can view the status of the node boards. Green signifies node Online and Operational, Amber Network Faults, Red No Comms / Node Missing.
  3. CAN 3 – check Shaft Positioning Encoder wiring refer to drawings (Limax or Governor CAN encoder).
  4. CAN 4 (on ETSD Card if fitted)- check Absolute Encoder wiring refer to drawing.
  5. CAN 5 (on ETSD Card if fitted) -check Landing Network wiring and that the line terminator is fitted refer to drawing.