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Lift Monitoring Solutions for over 40 years

“I believe that the future of IoT and Smart Building will be a combination of our expertise utilising real-time, condition and predictive monitoring” Adrian Mace, Technical Manager, TVC

Thames Valley Controls have been offering lift remote monitoring solutions for over 40 years. Adrian Mace, Technical Manager embarked on his journey of lift monitoring solutions with TVC in 1991.

I’ve witnessed the vast developments in lift monitoring over the decades, the requirements of building owners and building managers have significantly changed.

Over those years, the spectrum of products and requirements has grown drastically, and we’ve always ensured we offer a full range of best-in-class services to a wide range of customers. I’ve seen the evolution,
from basic real time monitoring through to condition monitoring and on to predictive monitoring; data scientist experts are employed to collect, analyse and interpret data to help drive decision-making process
for greater asset maintenance.

We work with over 130 organisations across the private and public sector, providing a comprehensive range of solutions to many London and national local authorities, housing associations, hospitals, universities,
major transportation networks and key retail outlets across the country.

We are currently working with major lift companies within the USA, providing opportunities to monitor thousands of lifts. With varying needs and requirements, our monitoring solutions are flexible and versatile to accommodate the wide array of market sectors.

Spanning those three levels of asset monitoring; real time, condition and predictive, we currently have over 10,000 units installed, and counting!

As with many systems these days, our CMS Anywhere System is cloud-based, but the uniqueness of our system is that it drives digital building performance through monitoring, authenticating data to remote visual inspections of equipment on site.  Here you can quickly and easily view all asset data as well as a live CCTV feed, and it also links directly to information screens at lifts’ locations.  Screens provide notifications and updates of lift and building service, planned outages for maintenance, as well as other building services, removing the need to mailshot each affected customer, prior to work.   Lifts can also be turned on and off remotely using the same system, perfect for our customers in places such as unmanned railway stations.  All this can be done using a single web-based system, from wherever you are.

I believe that the future of IoT and Smart Building will be a combination of our expertise utilising real-time, condition and predictive monitoring which will drastically change how building owners, building managers and engineers work offering proactivity, reducing asset failure rates, saving money on reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the necessity for site visits.  This system of next generation monitoring devices from TVC supports our customers’ desire for a more sustainable approach, offering productivity enhancements, reducing site visits, and saving time and fuel.  The system is helping to facilitate smart buildings, leading the way as a predictive solution – always learning and adapting to each customer’s needs.

“We see this as the future monitoring of lifts – and not just lifts, this system can be used across a variety of assets for real time, condition and predictive monitoring, managed from any device, anywhere!”