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Mottram Associates recommends Ethos Two for top London hospitals

November 20th, 2019 / Updated: November 5th, 2020

Mottram Associates are national independent lift consultants who advise their clients on the safe and effective installation and maintenance of lifts.  Their work includes everything from inspections and surveys through to  documentation reviews and recommendations for tenders.

Mottram Associates gives the best independent impartial advice on lift systems.  As well as having an understanding of the industry and the relevant legislation, they need to remain current in their knowledge of the best technology in the field.

Their work serves to help clients to make cost-effective and reliable investments in lift equipment, while giving them peace of mind on best fit solutions and legislative compliance.  This means that Mottram Associates are experienced in identifying well-planned, resilient systems and in monitoring contractors to ensure that projects stay on time and in budget.

When assessing suppliers of lift controls, Mottram Associates look for several key indicators of quality, including:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Company history
  • Record of service


Mottram Associates became the first consultants to use TVC’s Ethos Two on client sites at Charing Cross hospital and St Mary’s hospital, both in London.  Each hospital faced significant issues with reliability and traffic flow, with their lifts frequently being out of operation.

Mottram Associates were given two directives:

  • To increase traffic flow and unit speed.
  • To improve group performance with advanced remote management.

“I researched the market and deemed Thames Valley Controls and Ethos Two to be the right choice for the lift installations in these two hospitals.”

“TVC have a respected reputation, their parts are UK manufactured and supported; they have a proven capability.  They were the low-risk choice from our perspective and proved to be a good technical partner during design phase” said Adrian Mottram of Mottram Associates.


A successful installation has produced a 7-car group covering 17 floors at Charing Cross and a 7-car group covering 10 floors at St Mary’s. In both cases, the lifts run at 2.5 m/s.
Spacing considerations at Charing Cross meant that the lift installations had to be placed in an L shape around a corner of the building. TVC catered for this by offering a helpful display panel to show the status of all lifts in the group.

The simple Ethos Two touchscreen interface provides easy maintenance and intuitive fault finding to ensure that any issues can be resolved with minimum interruption to the busy hospital lift service.

The new installation has been a success and the improved performance of the Ethos Two controllers means that queues for lifts are down, allowing patients and staff to move through the hospitals more efficiently than before.

Successful installation of the lift control systems in Charing Cross hospital and St Mary’s hospital has further confirmed Mottram Associates’ confidence in the TVC brand and the quality of its equipment for these projects.


  • Ease of maintenance – plus a 3-year warranty
  • TVC technical support – expert assistance
  • Ease of use – no need to be a computer expert to use the system
  • Flexibility – including intuitive fault logging system
  • Brand confidence – TVC’s proven track record of quality and longevity