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How do I commission a UPS?


· Please check for damage. Please inform TVC of any damage is found.

· This is to be fitted in a clean dry and dust proof location.


  • The UPS must have 300mm clear space behind the ups exhaust port (fan) for ventilation.
  • The dry contact card should be configured and wired as per TVC diagram and slotted in to the expansion slot on the rear of ups. Also check R.E.P.O jumper is fitted to rear of UPS (remote emergency power off )Please check range of ups as not fitted to all (default off , as set by manufacturer).
  • UPS wiring should be of a suitable type and be rated to the same size cable as the TVC mains and motor wiring in the panel. Suitable glands should be fitted to protect cable entry into the UPS .Isolate mains supply and UPS supply and verify before any works are carried out.
  • Mains isolator should be checked for an additional pole to disable ups auto rescue when mains isolator is manually switched off.
  • Before powering on UPS the wiring should be checked that the terminals are wired correctly, US1,US2, US3 for input and US4,US5,US6 for output . If wired incorrectly this will damage the UPS.

See attached instructions for further information.