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“Reliable, robust and intuitive”… how TVC helped Nottingham City Homes deliver a 98% KPI score

TVC systems are supporting the unique security requirements of managing a large residential block on top of a shopping centre, delivering lift-monitoring target KPIs of 98% across 6no. passenger lifts.

Nottingham City Homes’ vision is to create homes and places where people want to live.  They provide top-quality management and maintenance to their existing homes and estates, keeping their residents safe helping them to live fulfilling lives.

A recent audit of all passenger lift stock conducted by Nottingham City Homes and supported by independent lift consultant TUV SUD Dunbar & Boardman led to recommendations for a full replacement, prioritising high-rise stock due to its age and conditions.  Part of the audit involved a requirement for updating lift control and monitoring at the Victoria Centre in Nottingham.

Part of the audit involved a requirement for updating lift control and monitoring at the Victoria Centre in Nottingham.

Meeting security requirements at the Victoria Centre

The Victoria Shopping Centre was built in 1967 and includes several high street chain stores and restaurants.  Above the centre is housing – towers of up to 26 floors, containing 464 residential flats. This housing presents a challenging lift-management situation, leading to the following requirements:

  • Specialist software for lifts that need to be access controlled to preserve security for the residents.
  • A security method to prevent residents from accessing the shopping area between 7pm and 7am.

Ethos Two
The “reliable, robust and intuitive” lift controller

TVC’s Ethos Two lift controller was specified as the control system that would handle the mixed security requirements at The Victoria Centre.

Chosen for its ease of setup and use, Ethos Two also allows remote monitoring through TVC’s CMS Anywhere lift monitoring system.


“The Ethos Two lift controller is a reliable, robust and intuitive with the easy-to-use colour graphical display. The display helps engineers to easily setup the lift functions and assists in setting up and checking the drive configuration. Additionally, Ethos Two checks the ride performance in real-time which helps the engineer spot any issues before the passenger does and has shaft self-learning for quicker installations”

Andrew Filer, Mechanical Manager, Nottingham City Homes

CMS Anywhere trusted in Nottingham City Homes lifts

The Nottingham City Homes Technical Service Team and the Customer Service Centre use the CMS Anywhere software to monitor all Nottingham City Homes lifts with TVC control systems.

Instant notifications via email and text means the teams can be proactive with regards to breakdowns rather than waiting for residents to contact them. CMS Anywhere’s remote dial-in feature allows the teams to send lifts up and down remotely in order to determine whether there has been a genuine breakdown in their operation.

Nottingham City Homes can also use CCTV footage when required, which further helps to reduce the number of non-genuine issues dealt, cuts down unnecessary travel for lift-serving and maintenance contractors, thus reducing costs, and also helps to shorten response times on the remaining genuine issues.


Nottingham City Homes presented a challenging mixed security and monitoring requirement for the Victoria Centre.

Following consultation with their lift consultants, NCH took advantage of TVC’s Ethos Two lift controller and CMS Anywhere lift monitoring system to implement a solution that delivered several benefits for its residents.

  • Shortened response times
  • Reduced complaints
  • Improved engineers’ KPIs
  • Increased lift availability
  • Ease of maintenance + 3 year warranty
  • TVC technical support on standby